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Dr. Garrison Skin and Wellness

Empowerment thru self-confidence, clear skin and improved health.


Empowerment thru skin improvement and skin cancer prevention

Empowered Medical Skin Consultation

PPO Insurance accepted

Acne (topical and/or oral medications)


Scarring/ Acne scarring

Skin Cancer Screening (with biopsy if needed)

Dermtech* Melanoma screening

Suspicious/unwanted mole removal

Wart Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Excessive sweating

Skin rashes

Customized treatment plans with prescription and non-prescription options for your specific skin and wellness needs.

Model Applying Cream
Dark Hair Beauty

Empowered Cosmetic Consultation

Dermal Fillers
Melasma Treatment
Age Spot Lightening
Wrinkle Reduction
Dull Skin Brightening
Large Pore Treatment
Aging Skin Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Skin Care Routine

Your health, comfort, and confidentiality are very important to us which is why we offer excellent in-person or online service options. We are experts in skin health, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation techniques to accommodate all skin types.  Get the glowing skin you deserve!


Laser Hair Removal

Permanent reduction in hair

10% off packages

1 Year Warrantee on all packages


Empowered Wellness Services

In Pursuit of Health

Checking Weight

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Skincare Model

Medication Management including Anxiety and Stress Reduction/ Self Compassion Meditation


Osteopathic Manipulations/
Trigger Point Injections/
Joint Injections

Oral appetite suppressant, energy injection (B-12), exercise prescription, and nutrition plan to efficiently and effectively lose unwanted weight.

Medication and non-medication stress reduction and Anxiety treatments with self-compassion meditation a treatment co-option. 

Customized bone/joint adjustments and/or injections to aid in neck, back, and hip pain.


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